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Rae Lynn interview kissin frogs 6-16-14

Jun 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now anybody who watched the voice already knows who you are. As -- you watched T and T in the can kind of an original voice number. There's been like I have hundreds and thousands of people who was on the season you're there was -- -- -- Cassidy was I'm now asking is that thirteenth and okay I'm the second he's now a psychiatrist on the second season and that Jermaine Paul won my season that's right yes then she keys back and think. So you you have this record deal now. Yes I got signed to an eleven me being allowed gene variant that machine. Record label group NM it's awesome or some other girl on that record label -- Remember her name I -- -- on our maybe. Taylor something swing. Something like that I remember you look her -- you might be able to finer on the -- his house like on 900 dollars. That are secured very good hands as far as record labels -- yes I mean they're pretty awesome -- we were talking off the air about your album you co wrote everything on here. Yes I have written over seventy songs the last two years that's rare that a record label. We'll let a new artists do that why it's crazy. And sell when I signed with a record label I had like fifteen times and written. And they saw my potential on them. As I -- turn and I would literally give him a a CD with three to four songs a week and I would I would give it to the label every week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well it's it's interesting how different careers are like the guy who just want American Idol Jack his new album will be out in August I now. Like they must not get out and a week after he once spoke. Yeah yeah yeah -- -- -- irons high yeah -- -- and I dislike that. I mean after the showers are already has an artist you know out of than thrown out in the world I. Let me be the same personnel in the same person and then again how he -- -- I think it's good that you -- yeah. That -- -- -- -- and yet people will remember who you are. If they were -- two years ago though because I can and can't stick with T I do need not get that they were all over the Twitter yes. -- I think that's -- I got off to shadow. I had. Think 70000 dollars. And it tears at me just focusing on my career I am now I 95000. Crazy. I mean -- equipment like you know. Buying out -- Miami today Clay -- -- seeing -- -- little teachers at that and if they wanna say hi it's aunt Rae -- are angry and they show I don't like and and -- an official official RS I'm Oliver and stamped letter. Heat. -- and everything you're the queen of the Celtics and and it's. -- everybody I'm Siebert and seeded or they like pakistanis. On in -- -- having it's just a generational thing. Like I don't do it that often but girls your age to tell about the self. -- I mean I take some reason everything like in Elena as some Arctic sun in my hair on top mom and my glasses me just like an animal in morning so feeling if if it'll wanna know like -- I think it's awesome Alan -- -- leaving. We are chatting with -- -- she has our music meaning song of the day cult god -- girls were gonna do that a few minutes but. Right now since they got to hear you wanna do some life. And I tell you this story earlier event and yeah okay. I grew up in Texas and I -- for a very big Texas mainly my man there when he think Texas woman that's her. CNN out talking or when they announced they had an and I have an -- pin and they announce my mom -- down gaining. I'm blind I think really Fannie and I can sing like every -- -- against -- and many like mine and sound was my -- that you like -- Either just -- I think it's a proud you know where cowboys and now pig -- Am the next nail into the studio and man -- the saga isn't frogs and I mean it literally is the crazy songs -- -- you don't -- his collaboration have kept. And T and did the demand for me name. I'm just thinking that this crash me now. And then an unknown man then go Ling. And danced and waved to -- at cannon I. How why and and they can't allow mistakes I'm young and now it's mango myself and black teens and the -- and greens have. -- in love -- reason Chiming. Opponents and you. Mean and then. Kidnap an exit. He's -- candidate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Men and me our claim victory and the N news. Is that rain AL and Shanahan -- now I was -- And a half mile and now I have to each other all day. Yeah and then on May again now now heard no more than. I wanna have a little bit of fun someday and dollars and no one man and rank. But and that's an. Game is in time that prince charming. -- send comments and -- Canadian man is staying Shanahan did that -- says -- come out the good news though he's Stanley. Oh I'm and is it enough time now listening -- now. Read the novel those Mac and Fannie not being around -- have been fun and Angus and our. I want them made column math mistakes -- and hang in math and made them once trash yeah. They made it 310. They didn't love man saves time and now I'm not a fan mail. -- -- Am so pleased to have -- I'm tennis and now -- And man hey man -- -- around but then -- yankees and bronze man get his name last summer and stand on this and -- out -- man. Having fun anxious and. Our. It is it spelled FR AEW. I need -- down. Ronald.