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Tim McGraw interview 5-29-14

May 29, 2014|

Tim McGraw chatted with Billy Kidd about working with Faith, his next movie with George Clooney and we'll finally get the answer: Do Tim & Faith own a home on Canandaigua Lake?!

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I -- I don't have. I'm doing great how are you -- -- you are going to be in town on now Friday night the sundown have -- down -- Cassidy coping -- more -- does seem that we're really excited to have you back tickets for everybody. I still available through Ticketmaster dot com I you've got -- new song now meanwhile back at Mamas and I'd first question -- is when you perform that live. Or that the ACMs at the CMA awards. Arab GMs and safely locked out you did like this double take. Possible -- And no issues are aware chip wars opened their color red carpet and she didn't dominate which -- -- Richie law. I mean I should vote nearly every day to walk out of there are on the way she looked it was predicted. You know out nor -- there where couldn't hear very well I don't know should all crowded and it -- -- anyway and -- you know the -- That was so real that double take was almost like a -- taken a movie. -- was these these. I -- out -- -- are there very well we'll have you thought about do an album together. Yeah we think about it a lot you know the we would love to do that it's just a matter I mean you know we don't. The real trouble we'd go we'd all been Altman at all in the gatherers can go. What we -- -- -- do we love doing it but we all marvel what urban or are they are all are all. Chair in Newport with a bunch of artists over the years -- Messina you produced disarmed or else had been about working with recently. Ordered the. -- -- There's a real problems with our on. Our border with Canada are a bit and album where Wilbert warmup or other -- -- government orbit well. All of this new nuclear. Their work -- to go to Bradley and really good. He's that kid has some crazy talent. Yeah he's gotten really proud and and I've been preparing. Career. -- like you give an award for the coolest entrance ever at a concert it would go to U. -- couple years ago I was standing at the sound board and the lights went down in this guy next to me. All of a sudden put ahead on and put a microphone and a sand and it was you and you talked all the way up to the stage with a bunch of bodyguards surrounding you and camera crew. How insane is that scary to me. Now it all the popular. Like a box walker battery will reduce that's like. A lot like rocky. Yeah pretty much you're an amazing shape these days does the whole family. Partake in led the workouts or is this just as you at home being dad kind of thing. Are you don't just order moderate in every day you know -- -- -- Are about drop in on not a big you know the kids bigger their own like. Are played tennis this year -- played in this year. And ball ball in his bag he runs track and cheese cheerleaders of the face those are worked out well everybody got a. You have three daughters your oldest is how old seventeen. Seventeen. -- Now that's driving age and I don't know about you but for me I have a five and ten year old I dread the day. And I hand over a set -- keys can is that it is so scary to just let him go -- have you broached that subject yet as you drive them. Actually revenues in the middle Liberal Party has -- -- -- you know what I want to do it. But the founder -- twelve up by the good book on the much as possible ovals or all of the other topic of the block -- The C advantage haven't big farm somewhere absolutely. I you've had roles inflict and blind side you got any more acting things lined up. Our next year warned -- -- and I've just finished with George Clooney and Hugh -- called -- that'll be out there are some big big sort of all. Sort of a spot -- kind of bring that back but I can't fit in what about if we didn't you know in the Brittany -- a football. About. George Clooney is he is cool as he seems. He sounds like became. The problem about it is you know what was good for me if if our spirit. The most subtle -- of the public and people like my wife or certain conservative -- where it was nice to walk on the radioed. -- -- -- Odds of you you mentioned Keith Urban he's got signed up for another year and -- American Idol as a judge. Brad Paisley is going to be on a new TV show on ABC have you ever thought about doing something along those lines. -- a couple of has very Baptist belt but that would be. -- -- never would have. And -- the number of roads are open it up. I would be good at it keep it that you prepare. Boy are the caricature browbeat bury those more palpable. -- up probably would -- -- -- that would go over. -- -- the critiquing part like it's gotta be tough you know to tell somebody this isn't for you because you can -- -- and a lot of those kids' eyes that this is all they wanna do. And that that's got to be really hard for both people involved. Well look at the top of terror -- -- you know so. But what -- You -- more than winds stopped the showed a break up a fight in the audience. Does that happen I mean not that you're stopping the -- break up a fight but do you see stuff from the stage every show that you just wanna go -- somebody. While not every so called upon to do it -- when you see it up like. And ignored the people -- really good body. Big board orders or whatever bit of a moderate or that the vote for everybody. Silica. You know sort of -- I'm in the position to be able. About the topic so. Cricket all they're you know it obeying the to be -- are bound to happen. Sure we had some my questions from some FaceBook listeners that was from Colleen. I'm born writes in how do you would say keep your relationship going so strong especially in the media spotlight. I mean tabloids pictures -- up and people -- know how do you keep it together without that. I just so yes we have a lot to you what number is up on number of my house but there's certain failure at the -- you -- -- all of our -- Tibet. We're document Tim McGraw I have one more question for an -- this is -- debated in this region were easily the last three years. A lot of people have approached me and said Tim McGraw. And -- dale own -- house on Canada will lake. It. They swear they have seen you at wegmans. I had real estate people and lawyers say now I saw the paperwork. -- You have a way of you can really go into a needle if you got a baseball cap -- some sunglasses. I think you can slip in and out of places and people would know what you but I also think that creates the illusion that you're around. Yeah. -- would have for real we -- where we're at but all along with our -- -- -- -- Kind of -- give away. Excuse attractive. -- -- It's probably hard to not get noticed when you're standing next -- felt absent here they got -- down heaven -- tour with cancer people open get more seem at this Friday. Tickets are still available through Ticketmaster dot com Tim thank you so much for Colin in this afternoon. -- -- --