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Thomas Rhett Interview 5-29-14

May 29, 2014|

Thomas Rhett had the best excuse EVER for being 15 minutes late for the interview! Find out #1 hits he's written for other artists and what happened behind the scenes when he performed on The View!

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Absolutely I'm sorry outfit and that's why I was. I was doing likely duty shopping and -- restore. Beltway. Area. I've got questions was going to be is how is -- like -- yet I haven't you fallen right into the routine already. -- -- man but you know and I like outlook cut in so. In any chance I get because I'm smaller so it works out to the list. Well we are looking forward to seeing you -- going to be out idea plays called kegs can outside event center in Jordan New York this Sunday doors open at three. A folks come by tickets online at -- can outside events center. Dot com now you of course we know your -- music your socks but you've written a bunch of hits for other people -- Some of the Sox manager in an -- Somehow I got and I've got -- look in the past couple years you know last year I had. Ad for -- force -- in the -- at one time which was nuts I -- time out there again lightness out there and a and 99 exports for tradition -- green. In -- -- a lot party and around here on which round here became a very first one songwriters. On my short -- tunnel with a pretty -- -- encounter in my life pressures. The what they -- -- mailbox money. It checked Scott Rolen -- those -- yet I know it takes awhile. And that's what -- and it's it's it's been great -- actually. Candidates and political hangs on -- because of that song with which they're neutral banks are. Well congratulations on that and number one with give me some of that too. A man tutor I don't analyst -- and the art are you celebrate. I did we haven't had any any days off at all -- or organized. China planet number one party between vehicles when dale Michael Carter not bad. And narrow and LeBron actually published that song really cool so it'll it'll be eight it'll be allowed on certain about it yet they're the number one party so -- the school's all. You you mentioned dead that's ready Akins and anybody get around country music for a while I had a career is an artist as a performer but he's also written a ton and -- morning it's for other people. Has that helped open doors for you. That's and you know especially in the beginning and -- right you know with with. So many talented people and -- my writing or is it debt -- -- at -- all people has such success with -- you know I'm sure that in the beginning to have -- -- came -- -- property under post -- on the right on. But it's it has credible test and I -- noticed until he has and and I and I had a app on my like court riding angered that I haven't -- it's it's worse because it. I got to hang out their dad years ago and he's a really cool guy and do you. The way to put this thing out party with your dad. This stuff out before and you know used to be weird but now socialized and and exercise it grants. And Alex -- -- aim is not that -- are always the same parties because we all weekend at this -- people. Yeah others you don't look at Allen drew at all. I'm sure looking at from the outside in -- like I'll probably get angry dad. But suspicious honest thing business been like that -- -- and enhance sit on -- that they have got their relationship the other. Recently you were on TV performing on the view. Is your wife sit right there to here you. Are is Jenny McCarthy is not a person that she was on TV. Did she she kissed -- on actually can run the best moments of my life. And aren't so -- because getting lighter later on in the day or aren't much you liked or dress so we better at argument Arctic. Cause I Jennie knows how to play yet she you know economy. -- What congratulations that I your success you're going to be here this this coming Sunday. -- kegs and you're out wells are you were out on tour somebody else's summer to. We yeah we just grabbed at the Brantley Gilbert letter rad tour. I think at last month so this summer were planned budget. Interdict fairs and festivals in the -- and along with. With just the more Miranda Lambert on Iran has until it starts August -- What we'll see -- -- late for that one year thanks for check in at Thomas -- Gonna be it tags canal side events center in Jordan New York Sunday doors open at 3 o'clock every tickets online kegs canal side event center dot com.