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Craig Morgan Interview 5-14-14

May 15, 2014|

Craig Morgan talked with the Bee Morning Coffee Club about bow hunting, his trip to Afghanistan and performed his latest hit "Wake up loving you"

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- weighed in on this phone calls. For some time now we finally got Craig Morgan back on the line good morning mr. -- again Florida. A and you got you know wake up loving you is gang busters the album will get song that. What kind of milieu she -- days or. I know who have been have you moved on from the carbon element. Would you recommend. The upgrade there. Absolutely. If so -- quiet man. -- now Sam shouldn't. That -- twelve. -- element. Yeah well equipment element -- -- major major element in to the spot as it is it does make a difference. And I will -- -- on MTV was actually idea on money TV on shows two men. Would get us on -- to one another home. I don't it's lagged. I don't enter Manhattan where my -- yeah. You've been Turkey and yet are there a way to win and they have Turkey adding I think it as much as the has emerged that go to work wise you -- a trip and the trip to Afghanistan last. Was the during the last week of these so called me at home. And just started me thirst for us in the men's end up pretty good. But so far Rome in this weekend I'll -- if you Friday night. But -- forget -- -- -- later. There might I might get more -- C'mon man I got room I had a huge farm I got promotion nine. And merger drag on the ground. It's snake we need some -- teams. I know what those are no no -- Oh. How much with a -- anymore man I don't care as well below their hands off now. Had a -- I guess that's old and one that's until about Terry Guillen as a -- -- -- the face they were outraged home. -- though that when you go to Harvey a steeler mean you don't want to full led. That's exactly right. We can't kill me anywhere else really target the Turkey and human face. Jelena have any interest in this conversation on is that you can't be all day I'm not a Turkey I just right now I'm so the FBM's auditor. And don't see anything otherwise there. But I came in London Zahn. Thank you very much. The British -- about it ourselves. Well it's awesome I gotta I gotta compliment you this -- Vietnam mean. -- you just nine kinds of cool but. You. Were able to incorporate. The most annoying sound -- think on the planet. In to a beautiful hit song. Well we are. We more travel -- knowing. Our alarm clock then any thing in the it has been more government added a vocal. The red alerts. I mean it totally works. -- It was great the day he they are sitting here listening to the song and they're like is goal at that is -- -- That he would know yeah he did have been put into that it's not something they added -- so what is that. I'm not enough for these are records bill passed that ban in literally -- -- hundreds of difference down. And we're definitely -- that we had to find the lonely life in the right key test. I think I. Yeah it's -- -- man I was like you know normally when I hear my alarm clock out it's easily Pollard couple curse words. Wrestling and it's it's I don't know it's pretty cool I just imagine maybe had one of those old Casio keyboard and a. How -- I wanna bombard. -- -- could have you know we were. We've got real particular about that we're working on my record I want to. However they've been definitively -- they can possibly be the remember national harsher that tractor in the beginning oh yeah. Well actually when you are restarted the tracked and recorded it. Artists and strengthen its -- Davis a couple of minutes ago a trip to Afghanistan Craig tell us live about that how satisfying is at forty. That -- as some of the most amazing trip ever until people tablet that they're one of its automatic favorite place -- despite their monopoly. But just because it's so so grateful and and it's amazing to go over there for me it's been critical because. You have entertaining of their since 2002. So I've got see the progress that that we've made in -- country. And I can see the pride on the faces these Asian mainland are extremely proud of what they're doing. And and I get to relay that home and then also take a little bit of home back to them you know -- there's been a lot of fun -- And that's it's one of the things I wanted to ask you is and because so many. Of our troops come home and then you know go back out again and I think it would be exhausting after awhile but but you just use -- satisfaction I mean everybody. I just wanted to ask how the troops were doing and how you know spiritually. They're doing great. I was very I think -- -- the light at the end of the -- probably more so than most. They're also very concerned that the difference. You know they they've invested they have an investment -- they know they've lost plan. And so they won't see this country's succeed as much or more so than anyone. And I and I truly believe it is imperative for the security of our nation that that nation succeed. It's important. And there's a lot of ignorance in this nation people just don't get it you know. So it is very I'm very fortunate that I could go there and inexperienced person yet. And then shake their hands and how to open. In I guess that I get to share their prize. Awesome well thanks for for what you're doing obviously thank you for your service or thank you. And -- what are we had tuned to go hi Jerry put it I'm not there are wrong and that. You kind of a jump then let's give them villainous. That. Operate on Craig I'll be quiet on the line. -- And I hear them. And and then. Com media gone into them down paid me out -- down and tell -- you. Creative. And it into the ball lower back strain in the -- -- -- and it -- Now -- and -- and in years. It dark continent. Again. A speaker holes were denied an outlook saying it it is numbers serious. Again. And he. The and god that Baghdad playing. Debt down and down somewhere and nobody known him and maybe could you do that the McCain yeah. The gala the tank active brown man up -- -- and indeed there all Gail. Man about Bill Clinton and you told them all. Drowning in that we can't keep there identities be Iran not to be content and now. And -- Being. And -- Okay okay okay. He's. The. And and it. -- -- Land and who do you there -- News fell apart zone no matter what. The big debris and have a problem made. Every now I have been written asking -- if he changes it means the game. We have. What. -- -- It. -- -- -- Some. When you. You've got. -- And. -- And we -- Move. And. How cool is that. Is it that song of the year Craig back. Thank you. It's pretty darn Alison OK and here I I don't know if your army would opt in there with a little rhythm conference. -- -- I was a half step down on the fact that I'm behind. The Emanuel are unbelievable and is always stinky for rather you do for country music and always always making time for -- -- to -- and -- You -- for. I -- -- music man that would -- you -- -- -- and everybody knows that we aren't that on the Obama name music zone so Forsythe I do appreciate it. If you want that one it's on the journey. It's super easy to find that's way a couple of union and Craig Morgan will be performing of course at the CMA music festival taking place June 5 through the eighth and downtown Nashville just a great -- gonna be playing in the softball game to -- -- Yeah I don't explain how -- equipment out there. And I'm having surgery after the shoulder at a little -- Rotator cuff. Homes and cars and somebody in the face -- Great thanks trading as it's always a pleasure thanks for the sun to those -- testing Q&A. Tablet should think.