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Rascal Flatts interview 5-14-14

May 15, 2014|

Jay DeMarcus talked with the Bee Morning Coffee Club about Rascal Flatts new album "rewind," Jay Z getting slapped around in an elevator and his friends Dan + Shay

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LTD. -- live in the wearing. You're at it. But at the and we just later rewind -- going to be number one with that. Well I I certainly hope so I don't know the target so we were open and we're going to be number one but. Irritated and opinions to bring -- world. Well I've played it twice this morning. To. See what you're not loaded up I'll leave it up. A winter like. Well we had some up pretty bad thunderstorms last night -- -- yeah but it's just out cloudy seventy today Kirk. You heard about that I actually did for me from you about thirty seconds ago -- -- he was on hold when you don't know whether. Well not heard there were some bad storms traveled up the East Coast of there were. Buchanan -- I got a couple friends that would looked -- that I was curious. What do they owned property on one of our Finger Lakes. After Nashville does. You know. You know they just -- whole purpose. Jane can I get chair what are your feelings on the whole beyoncé is little sister meeting -- Jay-Z and the elevator can I get your opinion on the. You know I was watching footage from that this morning actually I was sitting -- to go on the air on CNN and it's just those are the real. I am I wonder what in the world they were size. I wanna hear what story is is it now. Around the world. I don't know if she would like defending her sister and that's something that. I mean I and so can you. I don't know it's it's -- do they do a disservice by just releasing the video. I need to hear the audio I know what I know -- -- elevator cameras need to be upgraded a bit. Think we should make up a dialogue in the. No idea cheesy getting beaten up is -- enough I don't know if that's a -- on C watching CNN you must have an opinion on murders. Murders I don't know what that is that in CNET segment. That is. I think I got to get a sore throat I traveled this weekend it's Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome. Middle Eastern respiratory. You don't want that a disease for which there is no cure. Really backed mission to Europe. Do you get it if you -- ultimately mr. king is over here know she moved here and whose tears like in foreign airports and give -- a -- die. He joined visited you so far out or is this really lighthearted and thank you. Let me out this morning. -- -- -- ended September of north doubted my -- lineup from Los Angeles. Right now also I don't morning. Quarantine -- -- that. This is a September 4 at Darian -- that Sheryl Crow and glory on the physically bringing a daughter on tour with -- -- is that true. It started it that's true McCain is such a couple months ago in the. What you know what I said was that was looking forward to bringing her out some more this summer. Don't think that she would. They have too much fun being ample time but she's getting to the point now -- kind of start to get what's gone on. On what day does for a living -- she stood on the side of the stage you know a couple times. She'll be four in December so she cannot put it altogether. It's cool and to be honest. I water out there because I -- share some of those moments with -- and in hand you know it's harder and harder to leave. It is behind them the government grad. Now what do well -- line. You know you guys have. I did they get harder easier I always ask establish checks that. The album's. -- hit it short and had a problem are they are the harder. Are easier for -- like today. You know the longer around the harder it is for you because you you try to. You know you don't want a repeat things that you've done before. But there's a certain amount you've got to stay true to who you are because. -- understand except bit expect over the years a certain thing for me so. While you try to grow and evolve musically. Is still wanna be treated to bank all they felt all along was to be. Begin with so you take too much of the departure coming. You know village can now expect that -- -- -- always had a good -- -- that place where. Whereas our broken route where it where did record once -- There. Yeah and it -- It's you know. The same god bless you know what you know how to feel about it. You've got to be careful to skirt the line between being in in your community -- from the US and still trying to evolve music. Now when your Rascal Flatts and you've got your signature sound and then these gang is standing Shay come along do you ever feel like they did a back up our sound. You know. I gotta be our city it's been kind of I know there's gas and they're very very great great and then in shape in particular. He's just fantastic songwriter and a fantastic singer in the I think it's -- the highest form of flattery and and I know. How much he loves scary -- how much he looked loose in the very grown up and how much he actually learned to seeing my listening to our records so. Are really they're very talented and and and I am a proud that we had some influence. On younger generation of country artists. -- you're more evolved than me. Well I've read and I'll put an iPad right and. -- -- to him the next. -- see him now that's good they are wildly talented -- and it slowed down. We're still here -- -- year old player that commitment commitment and a political many Denny having fun lately just work -- You don't -- this we haven't had much time to do anything that that. Prepare for this album launch we've been working really hard in rehearsals. -- launches to herself -- tweak it. Do this week here and on into next week and we start the regular to recycle. We're going to be able to take a deep. Deep -- and have a little bit of fun and and not think my wife and I are planning. Little vacation here's at the first of July so. I'll give a bit of friction but it's been -- preparing for this album because we're very very proud of that. Clinton -- begins Friday night in Saint Louis in a rolls who Darian lake on September 4 with Sheryl Crow glory honor tickets are available. And I just loaded your song that we played it twice. And now re -- gonna play once an hour daring mid days. All that is awesome. Thank you guys so much it tears -- He's reading that -- an iPad two but behind. I'm serious. Oh I know on the answers to I really appreciate it coming we need all the help we give -- missiles and that. That in and good luck to you thanks for making time for us today. Thank. You bet they care.