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Upstate Onstage Holiday show HOUR 1

Jan 20, 2014|

Upstate Onstage's annual holiday show features live performances from Johnny Bauer, Cory Daniels, The Kentucky Moonshiners and more!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to the fourth annual upstate onstage holiday edition I'm Brian -- joined in studio. With a whole bunch year local musicians we're gonna get everybody eventually. Hope he had a great the year so far you got your shopping done and on the malls -- absolute chaos that was there yesterday and honestly. I couldn't wait to leave it was bad. So anybody who does their shopping next few days my heart goes out -- you because you're braver sold and I ever will be. Anyhow we're talking about local music we're talking about holiday keeping up with the addition. This is the fourth time he's on the upstate -- to holiday party I have joined in studio right now. I'm gonna turn the microphones on so guys be ready I'm joined by Daryl Jones from double cross I'm doing my -- And he isn't closing time and I'm also joined by -- his wife Mary so hey guys Soria. I'm Andre yeah happy holidays are they -- an airline plot ago. -- are much. We do this every year. Well we missed last year because of timing and everything but we've done this four times in what I do as I haven't come in and we have a little party formed by the way thank you very much to marks pizzeria for bringing us some pizza and wings to. Kickoff for a little soiree. The end we have -- -- -- Christmas songs on the air and if they wanna do their own originals. I have come to them as well so. Corey is we're gonna start off with -- -- you have guitar in hand and -- also did goes. On certain thing I'm the only guy here plays guitar tonight and I'm looking at three guys who play guitar and only one only 11 I'm the only one it was prepared here. It's a -- still account student right. I don't wanna thank you bright day I haven't missed one of these yet it's an honor to be here with you once again and look to do it's a lot of fun every year and we have a good time that's for sure Bubba we dual George. Straight Christmas. Absolutely and. Grass or do you relax those Christmas cookies shouldn't. -- -- do that those Christmas goodies maiden. The walls of the sale and close Christian history -- -- dollars us to do lack those Christmas cookies bay. Every Christmas goodies are especially intrigued -- she Bakes the mole rat. He has all the times I can't give my sales now. So -- don't have to wait till that silly today the -- is an -- didn't eat. Put those little sprinkling things don't. Pasture and you rely on those drills there's good news. But I actually do relax those Crist is doing is amazing. The walls and a black sand car. Christmas trees and bales of styles I was due to lagged those Christmas goodies -- and now let's bring good things just make things worse -- mix tastes better than they did it to burst. And there are absolutely impossible. To resist. So this appeared to be who knows where does that make sure I give -- yeah. The kids just sit around -- one's on me yeah. As you do that those Christmas goodies soon. Sure -- -- those Bristol is doing is -- home. Blows and blacks there close Christian history bales of stone not to do that goes Crist is good these days. But actors best -- Will this benefit did Donald is that you rather overlooked to mix and some now let me tell you the bills club auto at all. Yeah I just did snow bands in the oven is fifteen minutes let's kiss and and a -- slap happy Christmas cookies all of you know. Grass can -- that those Christmas cohesion earlier. I sure do those prisoners released today and walls and relax and Christmas trees and bails us dollars -- who do -- those Christmas -- big news. Pat -- -- -- those Christmas cookies okay. Joseph would you Mac -- Chris Fusco is paying. -- stand way to start the show off and making me hungry it. You know I had -- them -- me. Real quick. You've had a -- rather. Interesting year for lack of words Alia was released yet so I'll give us a little better -- -- -- since last year. Well I'll coughing and all we know. I hear you coughing kind of goals on what I got to quit smoking of this moment to walk on yet been good here -- a bad here I mean down a lot of people know my mom passed away in October. By god I'm not good -- about that might it is pulled my -- Mickelson -- -- they've ever been before. To my daughter's -- that haven't seen since they were infants found me about a week before my mom Dyson Michael and we kind of been rekindled. And top that off on I'm going to be a grandfather to. So it's been no it's been a weird year if that isn't a roller -- I do not know Liz and a bit weird here. That's tool that lets the -- owner of good were playing out a lot and I you know I hope people get out six I loved seeing people out there. For those do you live down south of the the Rochester area Whelan in that way they played on their quite effort that -- Daniels band. So when your next gig in January 4 at maple city -- Group rocket time and a possible yeah. We think we can party in the southern tier yeah. Well she got for us about a male male -- Alabama. And now a New York's. Lives boom along the ground. And now I think Cal's loan you. -- -- -- -- -- And bad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And here it is land and tools to boom. It is -- sold them. And. Yeah. -- is no end game of the match. Married Chris good. Room dancing and two career broom ball games and it's windy use boom. And it gives -- And is bad geoghan -- CNN so I'll. Thing. -- Every game. It. Did so yeah yeah. And I'll look -- please do. Tees moved Chris. It's. Many of snow and hand them. -- -- -- It's. Zooey broom ball games and -- almost all of you. Myriad. And now. Always gets -- man loves Alabama. Analysts in the country. Like it was frosted snowman ridiculous -- -- here here's the thing and it's it's a somber note for me. My mother you know god rest her soul. Her favorite band in the world was Alabama and I absolutely growing up. Despised country music and I kept -- I despised country music but every time we get in the bronco did go somewhere us. She'd rather have done and you're gonna laugh on this 'cause she goes from one extreme to the other -- from Judas Priest. Alabama right my -- -- so it. From my mother's standpoint. You know she was exposing me to a whole different world and I honestly I did not like country music until this journalist and Alabama and I had the chance a year and a half ago to go up to candidate to see them play at boots and -- for the inaugural ball. And man any chance they come within 300 miles of Rochester I'm going on just to hear religious lives -- unbelievable but Alabama has a special place in my heart and a you know mom I'm thinking about you. Yeah or more for his brother -- got one more year I wanna kind of pulled out the last -- to give a try and not look Tim McGraw Christmas songs -- -- his wife. And one was trying spanking Christmas cookies should turn the microphone -- free. Good story. Make your pride a good way good -- I'm making Christmas cookies in the kitchen and then all of a sudden I hear him playing his son got in the basement he gets done -- comes upstairs because what I do this through them. I really do any thing at least you plan that sign and it just touched. Me and you know it's. Little Tim McGraw style from story Daniel's. And. And -- Deere said it a grown man and now boom but -- gap of traveling he didn't. Debuted in Lansdale and then you lose no boom. -- now being good all week. And be under. And batted. Down well south of us. That don't deserve one day -- games do. News and news and no -- The wolves he's got to do is grow and OK. -- stockings. Who win do you yeah. -- out -- and -- all those below me gay and I am not asking you to bring Hulu wouldn't. Because Christmas amounted to -- where pigs. Can move them. Is and that's what she's target drone being. That remember. And careers and his pads it. We don't you lows in the food movement. Out of presents under all goods three keys but couldn't save out of there. We need America know let a ball around thirtieth bulbs. She gave us back to where we where we boom. Here's add up to brand her a hollow. The lord sees that he is broad and can. Is back games windows and where the news and bad bad bad loans below in game and I'm not asking you to bring it Lou -- From prisoners -- to wait and see where eggs -- -- and dance and printer. -- sees that he is broad and and is that games win doesn't burger it's. Bad that they have done owns bulls and and I'm not asking you to bring. Chris Smith Somalia and see where exit Lou and Lou. Santa that's once you get it from me. Records everybody. That's awesome brother. We are gonna take a little bit of a break we're gonna put couples on today's mission Tyler -- Christmas without you handled this summer Alicea frank. And I'll come back with more live in studio performances yet to announce a holiday extravaganza here in 95 WB EE. Rochus -- new country united U five WB the upstate onstage the holiday edition. I'm Brian chase and I am joined live in studio got a treat for you we got a musical -- like you've never heard before. I'd give to you the Kentucky moonshine runners. Hello everybody he hello -- -- is -- This. I am joined by Bonnie Smith and her four daughters yeah mind you we have five voices one family. Oh my god. Musical talent runs deep in the Stanley and and Bonnie as the matriarch -- we wanna put yourself and not my father you know are you finally got back. Give us a little background on see the family tradition the family singing in the guy that agrees gift of voices and your family -- captured two of the main event. Contracting and Sanders because my dad came from Kentucky. And and I want to my daughters to be in touch with their roots. Actually the blood that throws through their veins it was very important to me that they know that part of their heritage. Soul and we where. Do what we can hear it again at bluegrass. Around and country and gospel. And a little pop a little bit of folk music. As I -- my father. Was from Kentucky and heat. Up this way and rat sister. Passed through blind date my my mom. And match. You know several children later. And then kids antegents. Witches and Jerry Dyer I think if and so here's my floor doubters myself quit my Diego over here and we -- to be over and tell. We and and Mickey -- Mary's. Devoted to us he's been with you for a we'll -- my -- several days and yeah so we're very thrilled him -- but this is you can we say absolutely right we got a Christmas song not prepared -- we hope you enjoyed this is -- winter wonder in the. -- -- I and is now and -- worrying. Is -- -- Wednesday and Sunday and these and that a lot in nano and -- -- it's. Not okay. Is -- Lou glad. As. There. Really. Well I -- and no -- no fun. And. In the men only can build a snowman. Hand and brits and Indians I'm Sandra and can't say I -- man -- Man -- you don't do that down Icahn now but it is today. Thousands and I am. And as we. Me. In the latter I. Does that. The daily email. Slot in -- -- honor and. -- In the men so we can miss no men and Anderson and then he is Zach can't go. Loans who will have lots of fun I would miss it now man and a gazillion the kids and I can do now. When his. -- made -- man imagine million. Gibson's hand and -- I again today AS. The day log in and domains are on there and its. Wheels and he has done all day. Lock in and -- -- airliner lands. And locked in an hour winds and I'm yeah. I'm in an hour winds and fun yeah. Blocking and dead. Well Jim and I went to London it's. Moon. Tell Syria. I've known you for years and it's still -- years it still makes you give me goosebumps. Why did you sing together knowing it's one family five voices and everybody in your family -- we -- got a brand she's goose -- while they. You can say yeah -- on the. -- we are joined by -- We are joined by amber we are joined by Brittany in weird Jordan. Erica yeah hey he's my best the last -- -- -- But take your -- originates from just -- just turned sixteen yesterday. And then and I. -- every 24 hours -- -- us thank you -- when he hey it's. This year there isn't anything here that you -- from Albany -- -- An event as its fairness has got accepted to kind helmets can understand sixteen Britain's got some roads and for the first. -- momma proud I am very outstanding. We're gonna sings more OK go for it sends it to me. Some news. -- Samsung phone I am. A young man. The -- around me so I'm worried that she needs in hand me yes. -- -- -- Yeah I love this and I mean me and come the Alaska on the news -- a bum me. No you. Good -- tongue cents a change sounds. It she needs it and then me. And and I kind of enamored jealous. Big him. The sun and demand some. I think they'll. Then I have in Kansas. Well next can I couldn't be close though. In the news and it's man made this man demand. News and I'm me I'll owning a don't ask me I have to ask. Yeah it's. -- moon ban and I -- love. These Santa. Change so. It's mean to me that day he. Mean. -- cents -- he not mind paying my idea. Yeah. Nine we will see you an accident I'm loose and only Salisbury. It's in need to -- me I'm and that my chimney Santa this. Santa. TE it's that -- in the -- And it's. I sang -- Arizona Annan needs and our unique sound weary. You need to -- me this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Saying really. Well and the net earnings. And then I need him well I -- me. Leave and you -- him. And sing is you know. The -- man me and I love love guns and some -- -- guns in the hands on on live. And oh my mom beaten nun and a continent. Santa I mean some I. It's in need to and again very passing them. Read it in need to. Come that I that -- It -- To Luna. Okay you. It's. Yeah and bring it they become. We can't wait to see if it. That fire burning with. I just about my daughter's hair -- that is tied to. Again -- I was told it's very important. To silence Sana you know we all evens out to believe that's right so. And I stood -- Aniston comes into different. And I'll I'll I I don't yeah. College here in islands yeah. -- Emma and -- for first time yesterday. First instance so -- did say another. Oh yeah I have. Pitcher of -- moment of fame and courteous and he was sitting on mrs. Claus. Incentives and a -- -- -- -- And no cap and we're -- hear back -- you -- and a little bit we're gonna take a break got a couple bill. Hey and that welcome to the upstate onstage at the holiday Christmas asthma chronic -- -- -- -- put it. Our extravaganza we beckoned just minutes with more live performances here from the high -- studios on WB yeah. Up sit onstage are -- did you five WB. The EU the holiday edition from the high -- studios. And I got to Motley looking crew in front of me all the Yo-Yo yo -- I am enjoying looking at a US can't see it but I'm just getting into the running communal play by play I'm looking straight ahead to my left Johnny Boller. I've got bill Jones and all crossing Corey gave no dead setter got Charlie pat from closing time. I got -- of gold and diamonds and coverage of this idea Steve Nelson from blue Jimmy is kind of looking yeah I don't know very drums and I. Yeah. Maybe you mix them up in here to -- -- -- to Goosen beat box answer but I think we got -- kids in here as well. We've got Mary -- sitting here after the Saudi got my friend -- here off to decide she's taking pictures. She will dog at the look at death from her for that. Welcome to the holiday extravaganza this is. This is fun because I can't write my friends and you guys are you -- your my friends you know. Music aside and whatnot you -- my friends and we just have a good time together again. We have. A great working friendship -- Audi -- out how to put it we just say here we joke it. I'm listening before we went on the air and some of the stuff that's coming out of the people -- as. -- I'm here yeah yeah inflatable snowman appears blushing. But we have a great bunch of people and we're gonna do some more music for -- organic -- problem guy is had that yeah. Our respect the tradition that we've done this the last three lost last year on this like the last three years so. Everybody's here to help this won't be ready. -- -- Okay. Okay. The extra fabric humiliate him. Slow is on the ground. Well apparently -- -- a little bit of all of these baggage. Hang up your British stocking rooms and turn out the lights yeah. Senator all of this torment the champagne and yeah -- present a very very very. Snow is on the right. Yeah you ran around a little bit. Seneca falls back into. Let's listen Johnnie both want to -- gotten. Yeah. Evening after Bristol and there and the alliance. Very -- is don't let them down from Japan minute match win. They -- Got a Big -- -- Mostly with the reindeer. And also gonna look back. Your little cynical and yeah. -- If you live it. Yes. The whole older and it's. Ohio Islam and the idea that -- the looks at everybody's face is just priceless during the -- in the -- Charlie has guitar face like 24/7. In order anything you know. This is the all right now we'll starter on the -- Johnny double to Mike. Yet nice to see you again Tracy Brian thanks for have another year of this. -- pleasure -- -- -- appreciated what's what is life in Johnny bowers -- since last year since the last time you were in. It's a bit in the recording studio really psyched about my new CD. Still working on now hopefully in the next year and have for some time alone. The degree to. What else I'm going to be planned sticky -- Friday starting at 930. My band and then Saturday am going to be at nationals start net. 10 o'clock. It's going to be awesome we don't normally play the band so. Amid great -- forget it and yeah. Yeah. And I'm not amount about it like -- week with the acoustic thing. Mountain seeming. In doing a lot of cool stuff to write a lot of new music. -- look forward to hearing and seeing it offers. Cores and it had been nearly as he went -- -- from a world double crosses. Double -- doing good down this weekend we play the twentieth that the -- it was -- I'm doing a pre New Year's party for the people counting. Now we've played New Year's Eve and nationals here and -- -- Start the new year was new schedule. Outstanding. Corey. Brewer could wake up all of it got shiny object. I wanna I wanna talk of Korea the Koreans may have gone probably maybe if you member changes Tom and our schedules book silent. And not start in January we don't have to pay up to march cell. It's it's often -- to get up and see it please do any Charlie. Closing our lord and oh yes -- -- break yet and we've taken what are off we've had to regroup we the last couple years we've been planner bots often and we've we've put it all out there we would Dunlop opening. -- travel. We're gonna some songs and things like that but that was we decided we didn't just scale back here for a second take some time off regroup. Theirselves together and hopefully spring summertime we'll be back out on the road and I entertainer but he. -- good. And Steve -- I think you know probably Jimmy I know you guys just released via the live -- from -- -- -- -- I absolutely love it yes. Yeah we've got the -- one out there are finally. At about three years. I didn't think it was gonna happen but it happened. On. No we're still playing out there. And keep busy these guys are gonna try to come out tonight. Yeah there was a lot of a lot of people were gonna come tonight I know Paul Cummings has no power it is also emergent and he's got. Floodwater coming in his basement so. I can't fault for not coming I know Brian is sick I know bend Brandt -- from Flickr from the -- is sick. That -- from Flint creek is sick. It's TW from double cross has bronchitis. So we just you know it it mother nature decided to really. Sea levels around this year. So. But we're having fun -- shall make the best we are always we're gonna take a break based more bills and we'll be back with more of the upstate -- holiday edition. Rallied to our two next here on constant updates and -- -- five WB EF MHD one Rochester.