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Upstate Onstage Holiday show HOUR 2

Jan 20, 2014|

Upstate Onstage's annual holiday show featured Johnny Bauer, Cory Daniels, The Kentucky Moonshiners and more!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ups sit onstage -- an IDQ five WB the local girl miss Christopher Reeve from Batavia New York. Added up along with the convenient in the farm I put a call on her but she's doing a fashion show with. The -- -- war and a definite Miami Billy Billy gets your studio may run a social media for us and taking pictures are good crap. And up. Eagles. This other singer instead Graham and it was done that a fashion show he showed the video and there on a beach in Miami. Like today. So Crist. Couldn't Colin because of obvious reasons but. To the family out there in Batavia. Happy holidays. And I'm joined the studio before another addition. -- -- -- -- -- I got Johnny Bauer and Corey being -- in studio with me and we're gonna have some more fun to. Are adding had a little chris' son -- here we go. His thing. It's going. Yeah. Yeah. It's still. It's the. Do you look. He noted that day. Do you. -- -- -- -- -- Still. And so. -- -- Do we stand. Yeah. We didn't have snow we had ice have to let -- -- I think. You know I just up before I forget I'd like Jesus thank all the bar owners and all the restaurants that we planned all year they keep us employed. You know there's a lot of great clubs out there go out and support them it's so important. You know what we have a million FaceBook friends but if we can just get a million of them out there here and there to help. Armed the other thing is thank you so much for the fans that commands where you look musicians because yes you guys are. What do it free and that's what drives you dump and sadly you two right here at W. Eat without you guys nobody with half and also people in this that he wouldn't even know most of us are we -- you guys a lot -- people like Billy right here. And and the rest recruitment for months or does every night to make what we do I. And we can't take this for granted because for years and years and years is nothing like this for the cult musical realm we're gonna all homegrown. You know uncle rod -- addresses the -- That's what I was leading into. For those have you been around Rochester most your lives. Uncle Roger is -- sister station and WC enough and he was brutally murdered. Ten years ago this week. And the one thing that. Came into mind is less -- it went down to know us. And the -- it was in the country shows a rock show I want to go see hard rain and they were a band at a Rochester that got signed by I think it was in my. And they were on the verge of going national and they got dropped. But. The played lesson for the first time in eighteen years together and John Akers who missed the front man for the -- and everything else. I didn't attribute last night. In memory of -- garage now. And it was really something else because our sister station right now and I didn't on the buzz going on these extra time we have right now is called the Sunday night shakedown. And I look over at frank and I said to him do you know. This is really fitting and quite an honor because the UN are the only two people left in the city that are carrying on tradition of homegrown music you know and here's attribute for a guy who pioneered -- -- On you know large stations. You know there's there's I say this every year in I've talked about this over with Franken and -- over on the shake down. There's only a handful of stations that do any kind of you local music they -- to promote local talent. And especially begin to know the radio station the size of twelve Rochester which is considered medium market. There's maybe twenty in the entire country. And were blessed here in Rochester to have two stations. In the same market in the same company promoting you know. Homegrown music and uncle rod started tradition back in -- after many many years ago god rest his soul. And frank and I just -- each other and this is really fitting that here's a tribute for men who pioneered the homegrown show. In Rochester and the only two people carrying on tradition are here in the -- in -- three now and it was a it was a very sobering moment that we -- to think about it because I met Roger only wants. Super nice guy god rest his soul and he pioneered the way for what we're doing today. A favorite I got these finals. Records. Betsy Matthews are released called home grown now and then I got to a woman I'll never let go. You know the whole thing as soon as you guys give us a reason to write songs and to record songs. And you know the thing is that effective manner as is. Having a lot of bands out there doing the originals is a great thing. Because the fact the matter is is it makes people want to work more to make their craft even batter in on there there's so much. So much -- talent in this. In this. So much area and that -- or even not just a country music either in all music genres. It's unbelievable -- make -- a point to get out to see everybody yup you know I'm the social butterfly when it comes to going out to to seem like music you know I love doing it. And it's so good to see everybody doing original stuff -- know we have people like T and in the tweets via blue Jimmy. You guys are all doing your own stuff you know there's not a lot of people the record in the original material anymore because. It takes time it's energy Iran unless it's it's not so much money -- because you do get pro tools. He can do it online that I spent yeah. And -- -- -- fifty bucks an hour depending on where elderly are now with the Eagles he Tony gross average if I studios you're. But you know there's people do the recordings of -- home. And you can get away from regional but is it's a lot of time energy and it's very tedious work if you -- thing to do to you know when the dollar's gonna -- -- and you put your heart and your sleeve I mean. The thing is is that it's easy to write stuff that people want to hear but right stuff that's in your heart. And then see if they wanna hear exactly the whole thing. Enough talking customer music all right you know I. Last year you know I was gonna do a little slow song. But I think that is funny guy and we're just jam in the blue is that the blue room green room green room I don't know we'll create my favorite color color -- right now while studios are called green rooms. No matter what color to Romans right that's kind of a gray room gray and purple thing yeah. But actually this song. I'm recording in the studio right now we're gonna red boots are recording mr. -- more awesome awesome place and it's real close to home it's like. Ten minutes away from my home. And dobbs this song -- to do a video for so I can't wait for that. All right. No distinction -- Eight home. -- -- Round. Yeah. -- -- -- -- journey down I got one more for it -- so much once again Brian you're awesome. And once again we're going to be at sticky that's on Friday nationals and I -- a thirty. And Nashville's -- tend to come down early there's going to be another band there. Some birthdays in the house that night. My guess Melissa's birthday. Yeah I think so I think to think all my fans for coming out late friend and said earlier without you there's no us. And we make like two dollars. An hour that. I Helio and madrassas -- 65. With that and after prostitutes -- and hard. -- -- -- And -- the -- of the camera background. Billion -- and at the end -- He got you know it big when he got to paparazzi in the studio and you know it really wanted Billy Kidd isn't it yeah. -- can't wait there's more bald losing you again. All right guys thank you so much we're gonna take placing more stuff my oldest and did McGrath and Paul Cummings could not be here. He is actually firefighter in his own basement with flooding in no power so. Really the firefighters song in tribute coming up for the west -- fire department. Which is believe not -- Christmas Eve. All meant to get a light jacket quit. I so -- do that and be back of course the more -- -- -- television next here on WB ER producing one Roger -- -- I'm gonna and I am joined in studio once again by the Kentucky moon shot and is. At. It -- we're very happy to be here by the way we'd like to say thank you very much to you Brian. You know we all love you right hand we have here -- five women still love me. Here's part of -- your very supportive of us and I can't say thanks enough. My pleasure -- -- that it also joined on the background mr. -- -- in mr. -- Deirdre. Yeah okay. What are they gonna do now slam NN news Sam put stumping in bluegrass music for you. Why not start at the sky blue -- -- -- my day. I'm gay. Game. It is sad fact that you can't you speed -- that again and it may make -- sad Amazon yeah. When I'm. Some about him. I need him to do OK if they -- the -- It's. Step up and -- -- mean. I'm saying. We're sad you get close to me yeah. Let me that I got plans and not part of -- Yeah. -- -- me any good. -- -- -- On the map and I need and do my -- day and a match. -- I. Yeah and a hand. Well my day. AA stay away from me and Hanks and cannot act not lagging it or not I'm not and. I and have me. Time. And. Okay. He's. -- -- Well all day did you rent very scary true. Yeah at this wherever you -- and over there. Movement. In age so complete sentences and -- glad. Amber and Brittany having friends in Vietnam right now when he is tuning in -- like that he's our number one -- says Wednesday's and is -- That's for diet that enemies he's -- not teaching please tune in and right now days in Latvia. And having added and meant it as a man as. I say hello to my boyfriend and Florida. In and -- I'd like to say hello to my boyfriend and web -- I -- each day. And that is -- how to my husband but how well dad and -- -- -- the -- and I don't have a boyfriend and I did not say Merry Christmas and a happy holidays to all of our soldiers who -- not get to come home yeah. Yeah. I you know who knows her mother her mother did a darn good -- is there. Exploration can we sing some yes when he -- girls I think we need to Islam one. Yes it was slowed down. -- on mom. Is back -- -- Yes thanks man in terms with new moon. -- -- -- lists to these two moon. And Hanna -- And. And it is today. Because is then in -- -- Then adjourns. -- the man. And he is I -- -- And and it's too. -- -- I am not. I seen Sheila brown now. I just. I ain't mad. You -- Looks good. Me and and. In. -- science and posted. A news. -- She. Is -- And I -- -- and I. -- The. TV. And -- I -- -- -- And now. Movies had. Well on. Hey some time home. He moon's. Man I. -- and saying good luck soon. You. Is OK okay now demand. Flew. Yeah. Belly kid and -- as -- he's out there do not can't. My eyes yeah there's other things. That I I am just -- -- pundits speechless bat. The list how before he gets here to stand up on his arms and now -- -- you know. I have something to say -- so called us ladies you know we get all this singing from our mother -- thank you about a -- -- -- Very day job us let us getting us all together and organizing. In their biggest bands and I momma. Made Christmas -- -- -- These moments and I'm not expecting now is ageless is on his -- her eyes back. I ever gonna take a mentoring group got to pay some bills -- back with one more round of the upstate onstage holiday extravaganza race you're not -- five -- UBE. Rochester is their country -- -- you five WBE that was Ryan James party of one pardon me for a second. That a cough. I get an entire roomful of people on that even bother to tell you who's here but pretty much everybody's your whole hell -- -- -- we have you got that grant didn't. Regardless of Venice and somewhere just. He's going yeah. We have got to -- we get everybody ST and now we're gonna do some -- a little different. -- seven bridges we are we are what they are on this can sit back at home where. -- senators are gonna harmonize a mister Kenny grant particularly here. And playing and. Okay yeah. Good. Alone brief. -- -- -- machines. Yeah. -- man. And that is true. I mean. Oh yeah. Maybe. Yeah I. Yeah. Its name way. Running game. It's not. He's lost. Down the. Okay. I mean. The. -- -- -- Yeah. It's ten minutes. Yeah. -- game. Is. -- man behind me. Yeah and -- Let's get everybody in studio right now. You're welcome do you wanna do one more song we'll have to wrap it up for the night just do a big Christmas song just everything. We don't. Care -- Lucas yeah yeah and and the. Since India us. It's no. Us news. I'll be so. OK okay. -- -- -- yeah. All yeah. It's cool or not. Have you with me and my nose and he does well. Bring. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well because that sells well. I hit me -- I don't hear firsthand. Had a blue Christmas. Because it'll help us gone too was so I guess -- that might be blue to red. -- All. -- those saying OK yeah who do not news to bring some wooden. And nobody. Opponent. He does well and -- All of it. -- -- -- -- The news. Chris. This is a little. -- Thank you so much everybody for coming in. I can't thank you enough for doing this we have a great time every year I wanna think. Starting from I gotta think Cameron I think Charlie had a negative thing. Erica I've got to think by any got a thing is Corky I gotta think Johnny Cash need Darrell. Have a amber. I gotta think Mary prohibited in the thirteen effort being moral support team and especially my -- behind you Billy Kidd on the inner. And and we'll have to thank all of WB staffers and writers especially. The national -- and. You're welcome let's go to someone could do each and every week -- account of the upcoming week. -- give us your real fast. I'm going to be as sticky -- on Friday 9 o'clock 930. And then Saturday amateur Viet nationals starting -- -- c'mon now it's going to be an awesome time that will be my band -- -- Double cross and be playing this Saturday the 28 di Martino was restaurant more and New -- and nationals -- -- -- is -- -- out on Monday edge out his Irish pub to the open Mike night Tuesday -- being -- and cottage on Christmas -- Which is hey get out there and drink before you can put America. Us and then on Friday. He's gonna -- umpire grow and then a JB and company is out Saturday at the toddler boys in Newark my hometown. And every -- a fantastic hello everyone thanks for coming out. Merry Christmas to each and every one of -- I hope -- -- great holiday. You know in memory of nick chipper -- it's just -- for the upcoming memorial one year ago for the what's -- fire department. Our throw out to you and of course our soldiers that are listening overseas it daddy dot com -- save have a great holiday. And so we'll see you back here again. In one week so with that being said. Merry Christmas everyone. UBE FM and HD one Rochester.